On View

ROUND 20 | Attitudes of Humility

By Maggie Jensen

November 17, 2023 – March 29, 2024

In Attitudes of Humility, Jensen presents a new ensemble of works, conceived for the caged exhibition space at MoHA, facilitated by Cage Match Project. The installation strategically combines three sculptural concepts: the “model”, the “index”, and the “found object”, all within the framework of the art-historical Land Art genre. Employing a post-minimalist perspective, Jensen considers how formal repetition can reinforce inherited, restrictive systems of meaning making and influence. Here, each sculpture presents a version of piping used in commercial infrastructures. The works staged on raised platforms, gesture to both the construction of landscape and landscape under construction.

Maggie Jensen In each of her installations, Jensen becomes involved in different systems or aesthetics of authority, whether the art institution, a natural history archive, or extractive resource infrastructures. She makes requests of a cultural archive or government agency to access data about particular objects. The process informs artworks that reveal the paths and limits of the internal logics of these institutions.

Installation materials consist of unaltered HDPE industrial culvert pipe; platforms of cement board and wood; cast concrete of water main casings broken by extreme heat-related pressure; a curved wall mapped with a reproduced constellation used by artist Nancy Holt in the 1976 landwork “Sun Tunnels”.

Images photographed by curator, Aryel René Jackson