Cage Match Project, Round 13: Hold. Elmina, Ghana (2012), Austin, Texas, United States(2020) by Kara Springer

EXHIBITION RUNTIME: 3/6/20 through 4/2/20

OPENING: Friday, 3/6/20 from 7-11 PM

Round 13: Hold. Elmina, Ghana (2012), Austin, Texas, United States (2020) by Toronto-based artist Kara Springer began with a photo she took eight years ago in Elmina Castle in Ghana, a site in which captured individuals were held before being forced to cross the Atlantic into chattel slavery in the Americas. Springer came across the image on a hard drive in the weeks before moving to Houston, Texas last year with her one-year-old daughter in the midst of the crisis of state-sanctioned separations of families at the US border. The image is suspended within a lightbox hanging from the top of the cage. A set of floating stairs face the lightbox repeating the form of the staircase featured in the photograph. 

Kara Springer’s interdisciplinary practice is particularly concerned with armature—the underlying structure that holds the flesh of a body in place.  She utilizes photography, sculpture, and site-specific interventions to explore precarity and brokenness in systems of structural support through engagement with architecture, urban infrastructure, and systems of institutional and political power. Springer has lived, worked, and studied in Toronto, Paris, Philadelphia, and New York, where she recently completed the Independent Study Program at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Springer is currently a fellow at the Core Program in Houston, Texas.