Cage Match Project, Round 16: A Realm of Disquiet by Aimée M. Everett

EXHIBITION RUNTIME: 4/10/2021 through 5/8/2021

OPENING: Saturday, April 10th All Day

Disquiet, anxiety, and worry are a few entities that have become fixtures in my life within the past year. With my mind being the cage they all live in, this project has arrived during a pivotal time to interrogate and give space to these Titans. Metal and wood are the materials I chose due to their pliant nature with hopes that their manipulation, aging and rusting, will begin the conduction of relief. ”        
– Aimée M. Everett               

Aimée is interested in exploring and asking the question, “What lingers in the silences we hold between each spoken word?” She believes this is where our true emotions live. She is aiming to excavate and examine these silences, the ones that have been handed down generation after generation and the ones acquired as we maneuver through the world. She is attempting a new way to interpret the unsaid, attempting to reach viewers in ways words cannot.

The exploration of this nonverbal language begins by Aimée confronting and questioning her own silences in writing. She confronts experiences, feelings, and thoughts from life and those that have been shared from other people’s perspectives. Employing expressive minimalism as her vehicle; line making, atmospheric color, and texture, she invites the viewer to investigate the unspoken silences that linger between words.


                            Rust, Ink, Acrylic, Nails, on Birchwood Panel, 30” Realm of Disquiet #1

Aimée M. Everett is from New Orleans, LA and currently lives and creates in Austin, TX.
Cage Match Project (CMP) is a temporary, site-specific art installation series in which selected artists are invited to engage a large, industrial caged-trailer. Measured at 20 ft x 8 ft x 7 ft, the weathered and rusted container resides in the exterior lot of The Museum of Human Achievement in Austin, TX where it is under constant exposure to the elements and 24-hour public viewership. CMP is curated by Ariel René Jackson.
Behind the scenes of A Realm of Disquiet